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Registered in England, registration number: 5078899
Data Protection Registration Number: Z9660557
Authorised & Regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority, Registration Number: 673044
VAT Registration Number: 841 6518 27

This introduction briefly details how our principals of value and committed customer service work for the benefit our clients.


To be the natural choice for businesses operating vehicle fleets of between 3 and 200.

To save clients time and money by offering a unique total fleet solution.

To support our clients with a friendly and professional service.

To provide our clients with a wide range of relevant, cost effective products.

To organically grow by helping our clients to achieve their aims.


Single point of contact.

Independence, by operating in partnership with a wide range of suppliers we are able to offer a range of quality products at competitive prices.

Fleet Alliance, as a selected partner we provide our clients with the added security & economies of scale of one of the UK’s strongest vehicle brokers.

Products, we strive to fulfil the needs our clients, from FlexiHire daily rental and general finance to 60 month 160,00 mile Leases, Contract Hire, Fuel Cards, Fleet Management and associated FM software.

Customer Satisfaction, we offer the advantages of a dynamic unit where customer satisfaction is paramount and constantly evolves to satisfy the changing needs of our clients.

Purchasing via Competitive Tender, we utilise our Competitive Tendering process for every client enquiry to ensure we select the right product and maximise our offering to you our client.


1 Find the best product, rate or price from our wide range of suppliers.

2 Provide our client with the best solution available.

3 Continuously monitor and support our client providing the highest level of customer service.

Today’s Business Car & Leasing Market

The business car and leasing market has changed dramatically over the last 15 years. With consolidation the major leasing companies have become ever-larger and a leasing super league has emerged. There are now more than four bank owned leasing companies operating fleets in excess of 100,000 vehicles. These organisations are cumbersome and have found it difficult to arrive at or even maintain basic levels of customer service while the continuing banking crises continues to increase the pressure. The leasing companies and the banks that own them have responded to this pressure by reducing their risk, effectively ending the sole supplier agreements for all but the privileged few and making direct funding applications for SME’s difficult.

A similar thing has happened in the new car dealer market. Manufacturers have pressurised dealers into providing multi million pound showrooms and compensated by increasing dealer territories and reduced competition by slashing the number of dealers. The massive financial commitment required to fund these new territories has brought in the institutional money creating new dealer super groups. As a result the smaller customer focused outlets that relied on personal relationships and high customer service have all but disappeared. Like the big leasing companies the large dealer groups have found an acceptable level of customer service hard to achieve.

In the wake of this consolidation a new breed of company, the vehicle finance and management broker has emerged.


Our Pedigree

Autoprocurement Ltd was formed in 2003 with over 20 years experience in motor industry and was immediately selected as a partner in Fleet Alliance. Through our Fleet Alliance Partnership we are able to offer business funding products from a raft of the UK’s major leasing companies and banks.

Although Autoprocurement predominantly operates within the Wessex region supplying contract hire and leasing products we have established a client list that now extends throughout the UK and incorporates clients who also purchase and asset fund their vehicles.

Fleet Alliance

Fleet Alliance has been trading since 1995 operating primarily in the south west of Scotland, through its partnership programme Fleet Alliance has expanded to source over 3,000 vehicles a year nationally and become one of the leading vehicle finance brokers in the UK.

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