Competitive Tendering

What is it?

For each vehicle quotation Autoprocurement Ltd compares pricing from a range of the UK’s leading Leasing companies and Finance providers. As an integral member of Fleet Alliance which funds in excess of 3,000 vehicles a year we make our purchasing power work for the benefit your business.

How does Competitive Tendering benefit our clients?

Autoprocurements Competitive Tendering model helps make significant financial savings for our clients by flattening out the monthly rental variations common in vehicle the leasing industry. Comparisons show that individual leasing company prices can vary from one month to another, rising and falling depending on each specific companies outlook or priorities. Such rate changes can lead to variations from an individual supplier in excess of £50 pmth, the differential can be even greater when comparing like for like quotations across a range of leasing companies.

Through a single contact Autoprocurement’s Competitive Tendering product offers our clients consistently high standards of service at constantly competitive prices and eases what can be a lengthy, time consuming process.

By using a range of the UK’s most respected leasing companies Autoprocurement Ltd is able to spread a clients credit risk across a range of the UK’s leading leasing companies.

How does spreading risk benefit our clients?

In recent years the finance industry credit underwriting policies have changed to match the new post recession realities. The upshot of this is that sole supplier leasing company deals are increasingly difficult to secure, disturbingly once in operation future changes in legislative or financial circumstance could lead to these agreements being restricted or even withdrawn leaving the client in difficulties.

How could Autoprocurement Competitive Tendering help your business?

Autopprocurement tests your requirements against our broad range of finance and leasing partners ensuring your business receives the right deal every time. Many companies understand the savings available from comparing several providers but don’t have the time, in-house resource or expertise to apply to this task.  Via a single contact Autoprocurement acts on your behalf to save your business time and money. Furthermore our clients have found further savings and increased accountability by integrating our e-Fleet fleet management product into their fleet and reporting processes.

Why Autoprocurement?

  • Autoprocurement Ltd is a member of the Fleet Alliance one of the largest and most reputable national broker groups in the UK to offer competitive tendering for company vehicles.
  • Autoprocurement Ltd together with Fleet Alliance has developed a bespoke Competitive Tender programme to streamline and speed up the quotation process ensuring your business gets the vehicle it needs as quickly as possible at a competitive price.
  • Autoprocurement Ltd is an established well respected company whose commitment to competitive pricing and customer service has brought on board a wide range of leading businesses.


Competitive Tendering
Competitive Tendering
Competitive Tendering
Competitive Tendering Competitive Tendering Competitive Tendering