Driver Check

What is it?

Corporate Manslaughter & changes to Health & Safety legislation mean businesses & specifically directors hold greater responsibility for and are more exposed to risks arising from the status of their employee drivers. Examples exist of employees driving on company business with unknown driving convictions & accumulated penalty points. Some examples relate to employees prosecuted for serious offences or even employees driving without a valid licence. Our simple to use secure on line service helps reduce risk by automatically performing regular status checks of your employees driver’s licences against the DVLA Licence data base. At risk drivers can be quickly identified & the automatic check interval increased to reduce the possibility of infringement.    

How will it help your business?

Driver Check helps your business comply with Health and Safety guidelines related to drivers licence checking. Once Driver Check is set up the process of regularly checking licences is automatic, quick & simple. Driver Check frees up valuable time & ensures employees licences are checked efficiently & on schedule. Driver Check not only reduces the risks but by removing the need to pursue uncooperative drivers to manually check & copy licences it significantly reduces a businesses administrative burden.

Why Autoprocurement Driver Check?

  • Driver Check provides comprehensive and up to date data on your drivers, directly from DVLA data, which protects you against fraud.
  • You can choose the frequency of checks and carry these out more often for drivers with driving convictions or poor accident records.
  • We can provide help and advice in setting up your drivers for automated and secure driver licence checking.

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Driver Check
Driver Check
Driver Check
Driver Check Driver Check Driver Check